Katja's World GameA trilogy
- By J. Ekstam
Every breath of wind, every fallen leaf, every mutilated stump – they’re all part of the story. Her story and our story. The overstory and the understory.
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The Game Begins

It is 2022. What can six students at a university in Bath, England, do to turn the tables and save the Earth from imminent destruction? Who will be saved? Is technology the solution or our downfall? The past and present are intertwined as the six students, from China, Iran, Northern Ireland, Norway, The Gambia, and the U.S.A try to make sense of their world and save what can be saved.

The story Katja tells is not only her own – it is also ours. It is a story of fear, despair and anger but also of hope and love.

Katja’s World Game is the first novel in a trilogy which explores the natural world, the supernatural, and the world of stories and games.


Adapted Climate Change

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What others say

Although Ekstam strongly evokes the English South-West and specific locations in Norway, this trilogy of novels will appeal to a wide, international readership, in no small part thanks to its multicultural range of main characters. The author’s prose is reader-friendly and showcases an effective use of characterisation and suspense. More importantly, perhaps, the books are action-packed. This will make them popular among young- and new-adult adult readers, who will also appreciate the effective mix of mystery and fantasy and feel an immediate connection with the main characters, all university undergraduates. At the same time, Ekstam’s deceptively simple style belies some serious lyricism and conjures up a touching sense of oneness that makes it a perfect vehicle with which to convey an important message for us all: there is a planetary emergency, and immediate action is required. Consequently, these novels will work well if used for discussion in secondary school and university contexts. Yet their appeal is stronger and wider than this. Because the trilogy is ultimately about the power of literature to bring people together, irrespective of age, nationality or gender, I can easily imagine a host of Katja fans the moment these books see the light of day. Overall, a remarkable achievement.
José Igor Prieto-Arranz, Associate Professor in English at the University of the Balearic Islands, Spain, is a friend and colleague who has written a review of Katja’s World Game: The Game Begins. In this review, he offers his thoughts on the book's portrayal of climate change and its potential effects on our world.
I'm really looking forward to reading Katja's World Game. The premise is very intriguing: science and the supernatural mix in an epic quest to save the world from self-annihilation and the journey becomes an actual game for the characters to play with existential consequences for all.
Valentina Giambanco, Author of the ‘Detective Alice Madison’ series

About Katja: the main character

Katja is a nineteen-year-old student at a university in Bath, southern England. Half Norwegian, half English, she’s learned to love Bath. Life is good – or at least, it was! The good thing is that she has friends at uni, and a loving family even if they don’t understand her, and even though her Mum and Dad’s relationship is threatened.

When she meets her professor, almost everything changes: it seems she’s not ‘just’ Katja but some kind of guardian of the planet. How that will work is a mystery – one that she initially prefers to ignore. Ignoring, however, is not an option. She has to make choices, difficult choices. She can only hope that they are the right ones – for herself, for her loved ones, and for the environment.

A glacier is a large mass of ice that moves slowly down a slope.
A forest fire is a fire that burns in a forest.
A photograph of the Namibian landscape is featured in the video for Child of Lockdown by Blue Bird by Peter Burdon
Am I alone?
The katja's world game cover in a oval shape
What will I forget?
Is this really happening?

‘Why me?’ was the first question I asked myself when my professor told me about my destiny, to save at least part of the world from destruction.

What does a nineteen-year-old know about climate change and the future? You’ve got the wrong person: I’m just Katja.

What happens if I say “no” to my destiny? Will my boyfriend stay with me if I try to do what my professor says? Will my family support me or must I keep my destiny a secret from them? Who’s going to help me when the going gets tough?

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Katja's World Game
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